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Jonathan Pie - Epic Ranter and comic creation

Meet the creators of the viral sensation ‘Jonathan Pie’

If you’re not familiar with Jonathan Pie – real name Tom Walker – and his work be sure to check out his Facebook page where he’s covered all of the seismic political events of the year in a way only he can.

Jonathan Pie is a fictitious British news reporter, created and played in the tradition of political satire by British actor and comedian Tom Walker & Andrew Doyle. Pie does not so much report the news as rant about the state of politics in the UK. Pie received international coverage after the 2016 US elections, when his report on Donald Trump’s victory went viral, becoming a YouTube trending video.

However, some media outlets, including PJ Media, did not recognise Jonathan Pie as a fictitious character, presenting him instead as a real-life, professional, “British lefty reporter”.
The first spoof news report featuring Pie, released just after the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of opposition in the UK Parliament, was responding to mainstream media reports that gave particular weight to Corbyn’s past relationship with Diane Abbott.

Walker was soon approached by several media companies, including RT UK, the Russian government-funded television network, which offered him complete creative control.

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