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Ajaz Ahmed - Founder of Freeserve

It all started when ‘Chief Provocateur – Ajaz Ahmed’ got fed up of listening to so called ‘experts & gurus’ talking, CR*P!

Cut the Cr*p

It all started when ‘Chief Provocateur’ Ajaz Ahmed (Provocateur is a person who deliberately behaves controversially to provoke debate or other strong reactions.) got fed up of listening to so called ‘experts & gurus’ talking, Cr*p! Experts who never get to the point or leave the audience with any wisdom. He decided to come up with a different format, one that focuses on the subject matter and not the personality. So “Cut the Cr*p’ was born, a talk with wisdom that people remember after they’ve left the room.

Ajaz Ahmed is best known for being the founder of Freeserve, once the UK’s largest ISP. He came up with the idea when he bought a computer in PC World Leeds, and nobody in the store could tell him how to get on the internet. Freeserve was sold by Dixons to France Telecom for £1.6bn. His latest venture is and sits on the advisory board at the University of Huddersfield Business School.

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