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Jonny Ross - Founder and Managing Director,

Using digital to drive organisational growth and change

Digital is no longer a “nice to have” add on. Forward thinking organisations are now using digital technology and digital platforms to actively drive growth and change.

From creating a high volume sales funnel through targeted social advertising, to keeping employees productive and motivated through periods of organisational change – digital can bring the right people together, save you tons of time and money, and connect you with new markets, both locally and globally.

Digital strategist Jonny Ross will draw upon his experiences of growing a business from start-up to full service digital agency and working with larger organisations to develop digital platforms and strategies that facilitate growth, including:

• Using online communications apps to engage and inspire teams working in multiple locations
• Using project management platforms to save time and boost productivity
• Creating an online sales funnel using content marketing and paid ads, such as PPC and Facebook advertising
• Using customer insights data to increase ROI
• Building an online brand through blogging and social media
• Choosing the right digital marketing strategy for your business

Jonny’s talk will give an aerial view of digital, with examples of what really works at different stages of business growth. It will explore what platforms, strategies and tactics work for different business goals.

If you’re investing in digital, Jonny’s talk will help you understand where to focus your time and energy to achieve your goals.

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