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Lundia provides products and services designed to improve the quality of life for our customers and improve the productivity of their businesses through:

o Provision of office seating designed to fit the end user.
o Provision of desks where standing and sitting are options.
o Improvement of office productivity through ergonomically designed products.
o Space saving options for shelving systems and meeting tables.
o Assessment of workstation setup to minimise health and safety risk.

In order to achieve this mission Lundia has the following core values:

1. Quality Products- Provide defect-free products first time which are fit for purpose.
2. Friendly Face- Personally respond quickly to all enquiries and always provide the best advice.
3. Business Longevity- Provide adequate profit to ensure business longevity so that guarantees can be honoured.
4. No Negative Impact on the Planet- Environmental sustainability to ensure non-degradation of the planet.

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Lundia (UK) Ltd
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