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4th April 2017

Making his debut as a speaker at Buy Yorkshire 2017 is none other than Dr Alan James, Worldwide VP of Hyperloop One, the ambitiously futuristic – and excitingly entirely possible – passenger pod transportation system.

With business-related travel taking up an increasing portion of the working week, commuters can at long last rejoice as the planet’s most talked about company, Hyperloop One, has just the solution to revolutionise the future face of transport and keep Yorkshire firmly in the loop!

Talking about making the seemingly impossible – well, possible – is something of a specialty for Dr Alan. Although his descriptions of the working day may seem more in keeping with a favourite sci-fi novel, he will come to explain how levitating commuter pods, which travel through low-pressure tubes at a speed of 760mph, could be coming to a town near you.

He comments: “With current transport solutions not fitting with the demands of modern business travel, a solution that not only transforms the way we commute, but also drastically increases economic competitiveness, is long overdue.

“As radical as Hyperloop One may sound, its innovation will transform transport as we know it to become something far more suitable to the busy lifestyles that business people lead.”

Founder of The Yorkshire Mafia, Geoff Shepherd comments: “I have to say that Hyperloop One is without doubt the most innovative transport solution that I have come across. The potential impact that this kind of high-tech transportation would have for businesses in Yorkshire is certainly a very exciting prospect.”

He continues: “It’s no secret that I am incredibly passionate about raising the profile of our region, and indeed the North, as a place to live and work. With the improved transport links that Hyperloop One would offer, we can start to bridge any divide that there may be between North and South, creating a more level playing field for businesses of all sizes.”

To hear more from Dr Alan, register for your place at his seminar on 16th May at the Buy Yorkshire Conference.