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Dr Alan James - Worldwide VP, Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One : Ambitious, outlandish, unrealistic, impossible… and travelling at 1080 km/h

Move over HS2! The future is here: Floating commuter pods propelled through low-pressure tubes at 760mph… Come and see why Hyperloop One is the planet’s most talked about company.

Ambitious, outlandish, unrealistic, impossible.
It’s happening. Alan acts as the worldwide primary point of contact for cities, regions and countries seeking to develop Hyperloop transportation solutions: not just to transform their transport, but to radically enhance their economic competitiveness. As part of his global tour, he’s stopping at Buy Yorkshire 2017 to talk about the future of high speed travel.

  • In Europe, Alan is leading the company’s engagement with the EU and the Governments of Member States where Hyperloop networks are proposed.
  • As Project Director of HS2 The Stoke Route, Alan led a multi-disciplinary team to create a business case which saved £5bn capital costs, allowed the service to start 7 years earlier than planned.
  • As CEO of the UK Ultraspeed maglev project, Alan engaged at the highest levels of UK Government.
  • Alan has advised various high speed projects in the USA, Australia, the Arabian Gulf and Asia.
  • For FTSE250 clients, Alan coordinated the construction of a major high-tech capital project in Africa and he has also served as strategic advisor to the UK Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
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