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10th May 2017

Ben Carter, UK Marketing Director of Just Eat, will join us at the Buy Yorkshire Conference to explain how tech trends, coupled with changing consumer expectations, are transforming the traditional takeaway and driving a fast food revolution.

Satisfying taste buds, whilst combining the speed, convenience and choice that today’s diners have come to expect is no mean feat. Creating a food community which offers over 100 cuisine types from over 27,600 independent restaurants across the UK at little more than the click of a button, Just Eat has become a disruptive force which has certainly given the sector some food for thought.

Attracting some of the most successful restaurants in Yorkshire, and with opportunities for both large and smaller food restaurants to join the revolution, Just Eat is keen to extend its network even further. As such, the business will use the Buy Yorkshire Conference as an opportunity to champion local restaurant partners, while also explaining how the platform can benefit local businesses.

Carter comments: “We recognise that the benefits to the Conference are two-fold; we can use it as a platform to share our story and to explain more about what we do but just as importantly, it is a fantastic opportunity for us to drive awareness of our restaurant partners in Yorkshire and to champion their ongoing efforts to support their local communities not to mention the economy.”.

He continues: “Our business offers a huge opportunity for restaurants and the food technology sector as a whole; as we continue to grow, so will others and our business will always be based on helping and enabling great restaurants to provide great food, and connecting people with the restaurants in their local community. Our vision is to create the world’s greatest food community by championing the consumer, the restaurant and the sector.”

To hear more from Just Eat, make sure to add Ben’s seminar when planning your visit to the Buy Yorkshire Conference. For further details please visit: