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Caroline Hazlehurst - UK General Manager, Deliveroo

Deliveroo: Reinventing food delivery in 84 UK cities and 12 countries around the world.

Incredible growth; innovative technology.

The growth of the British online food delivery service Deliveroo is phenomenal. Now established in over 80 towns and cities across the UK, and eleven other countries around the world, Deliveroo’s success knows no limits.

Caroline Hazlehurst, UK General Manager, joined Deliveroo in April 2015 and is focused on managing the company’s day-to-day operations across the UK and Ireland.

Prior to joining Deliveroo, Caroline was an Investment Executive at private equity firm Bridgepoint. Previously she was within a range of roles at top financial institutions, including Barclays and Rothschild.

Caroline will be joining us to share the story of Deliveroo’s innovation in the tech sector and how this massive growth and marketing success story has been achieved.

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