With a mission to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more, Microsoft’s Director of Modern Workplace – Customer Success, Uzma Sattar, will take to the stage at Buy Yorkshire to explain how technology can help organisations to fundamentally transform both their business and their cultures.

Uzma will argue that by acting a little braver and bolder, leadership teams can establish greater trust in their employees, whilst driving long-term success.

Uzma comments: “This will be the first time that we have supported the Buy Yorkshire Conference and we are very excited to have the opportunity to discuss how Microsoft’s own transformation is leading to the transformation of our customers, to achieve not only more for themselves but also their own customers. With Buy Yorkshire being very much a local powerhouse, I can’t think of a better place to have that conversation.

“I love the concept of driving and supporting growth both as a collective and through partnerships. What I really want to share is that by being braver, bolder and having trust in your employees you can build an inclusive culture that can empower your employees to collaborate in new ways, using technology as an enabler to foster and encourage free thinking.

“In doing so, organisations can reduce the need to invest in innovation labs and external consulting – in many cases, businesses already have the best innovators in house, who just need that helping hand and to know that their leadership has belief in them.”

With many businesses choosing to move to the cloud, Uzma explains that technology alone does not itself lead to transformation but that it can be used as a platform for companies that choose to be more dynamic.

She continues: “Microsoft is here to support businesses to achieve more. In order to get the full value from the products that we offer, companies need to think differently. Success alone doesn’t come from buying new shiny kit, trusting and believing in people allows businesses to get the most from their employees and to encourage their customers to secure greater results too.”

With a vision to support customers to become more successful throughout 2018, Uzma shares her predictions for the year ahead.

She concludes: “During the Buy Yorkshire event we want to create awareness of how we all need to think and behave differently, open up to our people to think bigger and make the visions of change and reality, giving delegates the confidence that their goals are achievable and the only real battle they need to face is with themselves to try a new approach.”

“We expect that 2018 will see greater mobility for business and that there will be fewer organisations that rely so heavily on office space. Driving change and innovation through greater reliance on AI and data will further showcase the benefits of the solutions and services that we offer at Microsoft. As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, we look forward to explaining how Microsoft can partner with you to lead, succeed and drive change in both your business and your markets.”

For further details about the Buy Yorkshire Conference and how Microsoft will show its support for the event, please visit www.buyyorkshire.co.uk.