Sara Varni

Chief Marketing Officer at Twilio

Sara Varni, new Chief Marketing Officer for Twilio boasts an incredible career history with a decade spent at Salesforce as SVP of Product Marketing. With consumer experience being at the heart of the agenda for Sara, she will be speaking at Buy Yorkshire on the Future of Customer Engagement

Join Sara as she outlines Twilio’s mission to fuel the future of communications and how communications are solving business challenges with customers. She’ll dive into the importance of customer engagement and how disruptive businesses are using Twilio to solve engagement challenges and to kickstart a new customer centric future rather than bridge the past. Understand how innovators are using digital channels, artificial intelligence and the customer journey to deliver engaging experiences.

Driving this agenda forward and recently announced, Twilio Flex is a brand new cloud contact centre platform that businesses can instantly deploy and fully customise — from the look and feel of your agent UI and the channels you offer, to how you route tasks and which CRM you integrate with. Twilio Flex is set to change the face of business to consumer engagement.